Monday, 16 November 2015

Basic Policy

These are the opinions and observations of myself, Campbell Rae. I am a white South African male and a resident of Cape Town. I am a Christian and will perhaps therefore be considered conservative by some, and therefore also narrow minded and bigoted, perhaps even racist by other.

I will however, state that I believe all men(and women) are created equal by God and whilst I may differ on lifestyle choices and put forward the Christian point of view and perspective often, I bear no malice toward any person, and so state at the outset that I stand on my right to claim free, unsuppressed, expression of my opinion and even the right to differ on topics.

Whilst I respect the right of others to differ in opinion to me, this blog is a collection of MY thoughts and opinions, and not a mudslinging ground for anybody to litter the comment section. Please be (1) cerebral about your comments and (2) respectful, as I afford you the same decency.

Thanks very much.

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