Friday, 4 December 2015

The binary nature of life -Decisions

Over and over again I see or hear or read of far to many instances where mankind is unhappy with choice. Don't take man's choice away, ooh no, but no we don't like choice. Man ALWAYS wants to have things his way, even if he chooses badly. We want to have our cake and eat it so to speak. Unfortunately for us, life does not work that way. But many persist in arguing it should....

A popular song by the band Dire Straits has lyrics "one day you're a diamond and then you're a stone....", "sometimes we are a Louisville slugger, sometimes we are the ball...sometimes it all comes together, sometimes we gonna lose it all". Some interesting things about the human condition can be gleaned from those lyrics.

First, I'd say it's safe to say that we as mankind hate to lose. It sort of feeds some level of anxiety or OCD in each one of us and we just can't have any peace about that. I covered this innate type of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in my last blog post so I won't rehash that line of reasoning. Secondly I will suggest to you that with every choice we make we only want one outcome, a favorable one. We don't want consequences to our actions. Again, here we have more of that OCD.

What really is laughable about human nature when you think about it, is that we sometimes want an ordered predictable response. Other times we specifically expect an illogical chaotic response. But one such response is inextricably and diametrically opposed to the other response. It's as ludicrous as jumping off a 25 story building naked and expecting to walk away from the jump, at the base of the building, in perfect health and perfectly dressed as well. We all know such an action has very little chance of survival, and yet we would like to think we are somehow entitled to being temporarily excluded from the rules of physics in such a situation. In reality the hard truth is, you're going to end up mangled and most likely dead.

And here is, I believe, a core aspect to life. I am convinced mankind does not like absolute unwavering truth. We don't like truth because we can't bend it to suit us. And here is the bit that really gets us. We live in an ordered creation with many absolutes, many of which are fixed, unchangeable inherently binary truths. Some would argue there are no absolutes, but in saying so they create an absolute and that argument, in itself is self defeating. I would also add, that an attempt to reason away absolutes with such a statement just screams that we, like a spoilt naughty child want everything our way irrespective of whether we've misbehaved or not.

 So what examples of absolutes would I suggest you ask? Well, gravity for one. It's either on or off. You don't get "half gravity". You either get attraction to a gravitational field, however strong it is or you float about totally unaffected. Another example is pregnancy. A woman either is pregnant or she isn't. Done. It's that simple. And in the midst of all this exceedingly clear simplicity we still argue.

"Okay wonderful, why should I care?" you say. You should care I say, because if one way is right and everything else is wrong, you are in very grave danger. Now you're probably rolling your eyes at me thinking "oh please nothing is ever so dire, I'll muddle through, it'll be fine". No. I'm sad to say that's not consistent with the nature of a binary world. Think about it.

Consider this, lets say we have an ordered world created with absolute rules, like gravity for example. It's the perogative of the Creator to decide on the consequence of breaking those rules. So if you are foolish enough to jump off that 25 story building naked, its only consistent with the rules of that world, created with it, that you become a colourful splat at the base of the building. It's just the rules, its nothing personal.

But no we, mankind, feel we are above the rules and making us a colourful splat as a consequence of jumping off the top of that building is unfair we say. So the Creator creates the creation with gravity and gives us free will(choice) but he says "dont jump off the 25 storey building, you're not meant to fly naked. If you do this you'll surely die". But we reckon we know better and we disobey and subsequently bring death apon ourselves". Surprised we died? We shouldn't be.
The world was created with an inalienable rule, gravity. We broke the rule. We were warned. Its simply just binary, an action and a consequence/reaction.

So what am I on about? You probably think I'm about to get all preachy. Not really. I am urging you to consider the binary nature of life with choice. Lets face it here, if you're reading this you're probably an adult. If you're not, lets not be naieve, when able to understand basic concepts, we all know the difference between right and wrong. I'm saying exercise your ability to choose freely, but if you find out that your choice has negative undesireable consequences, especially in the afterlife, take it like an adult.

"But I don't believe in an afterlife or a God" you might say. Well my answer remains the same, exercise your ability to choose freely, but you may find out when you die, that your choices have angered a just and fair God, who created an ordered creation with binary rules, that you defiantly chose to break. And in an ordered binary creation breaking the rules MUST have a consequence to be consistent. So take the consequence like an adult.

Me personally, I'll err on the side of caution, and the binary life type rules, because I believe there are reasonable, logical arguments in favor of doing so. I take full responsibility for my choices and in doing so I'll be happy to find out I am wrong and there is no afterlife and no God, because I believe there is. So that covers the eternal I believe, as for the now, i'd urge you to choose wisely and not become a colourful splat.

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